First class medicine - at your fingertips!

The Munich Municipal Hospital Group is the affiliation of the four acute clinical complexes Bogenhausen, Harlaching, Neuperlach, and Schwabing, together with the clinic on Thalkirchener Street which is specialized in dermatology. In addition a medical service center consisting of 8 institutes, a blood donation service, an own academy as well as facility management are part of one of the biggest health service providers in the south of of Germany.

Whether it concerns widespread cardio-vascular diseases or specific diagnoses which are rare, our specialists always work at the current state of science, in any specific field. Our offer: "First class medicine at your fingertips".

Our department for intercultural care welcomes you to Munich!

People of all cultures, speaking different languages, are always welcome to the city's clinics and hospitals. Since 2006 the Munich Municipal Hospital Group has been registering the nationality of its patients on a voluntary basis. In 2009 a total of 14,313 patients of 162 different nationalities had medical treatment at our clinics and hospitals in Munich.

The Fachreferat Interkulturelle Versorgung (specialized department for intercultural care) has invented and is offering several services in order to make your stay at our clinic as comfortable as possible:

  •   Should you need linguistic aid, the "Internal Interpreting Service" is available for free to you and your relatives in approximately 35 languages. (q. v. "Internal Interpreting Service")
  • We offer services in various languages in order to help non-german patients inform themselves about health and disease.
  • In order to learn more about your needs the Fachreferat Interkulturelle Öffnung (specialized department for intercultural development) is carrying out surveys in different languages.
  • You will find muslim praying rooms at the clinical complex Schwabing. New muslim praying rooms are planned for the other complexes.

Internal interpreting service

More than 100 trained employees with foreign language skills (mostly their native tongues) and basic medical/nursing education offer verbal translation in all complexes of Munich's Communal City Clinic Hospitals for patients as well as family members in a total of 35 different languages.

Should you find difficulties in communicating with our employees you can demand our Internal Interpreting Service. If you need an interpreter, for instance to talk to a doctor, please ask in the department you are based at. We would be pleased to send for an employee with the adequate language proficiency, as far as possible.

Please accept our apologies that at the same time our Internal Interpreting Service is not permitted to take action in private or legal matters and can not take the place of any sworn interpreter.

Please note!
All patients who come for planned treatment from a foreign country to our Munich Municipal Hospital Group will have to pay for interpreting services themselves.

Our department for intercultural care welcomes you to Munich!